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Linear Playout Scheduling Application,
aborated with  Tecla Dynamo Channel In A Box 

Playlist scheduling is important. BCT-X1 brings you Faster & Easy operations under Powerful Functions, Easy to use among multiple clients environment for Multiple Linear Channel Playout Scheduling.
Collaborated with Tecla System Dynamo Channel In A Box.

BCT-X1 delivers No mater, Comprehensive scheduling for your Linear Playouts.

We can offer real experiences for multiple days under real playout system in our lab. Please contact to us.

​【Main Features】

Dynamo chasis
  • Collaborates with Tecla Dynamo C.I.B.

Complete Synchronization between Transmission list and playlist.​

Complete Synchronization from Dynamo Media DB and BCT-X1DB

  • Multi-Channel Linear Playout Scheduling,up to 16 channels in a System

x4 Channels in default, additional channels are supplied as option

Easy & Faster to create more than a thousand events/per channel    ​


  • Multiple WKS available

​Central Shared Database among multiple WKS

  • Multiple Channels Timeline View

Easy recognition program slot position between channels

  • Powerful Functions make Faster and Easy operation

Primary & Secondary Events available in Playlist

Multi-Segments event available

Automatic & Empty Media Ingest

MediaList with definable categories

Program Slot List with definable categories

Multiple Roatations per Program Slot

Automated Program Slot Assignment in Time or Day                                                        Direction

Filter Function in MediaList & Program Slot to find                                                  necessary items quickly

Search function for Medias or Program Slot in TimeLine                                                to to find necessary items

Dynamic updates in Being on air program slot,                                                                    when Media or Program Slot are updated

29.97/25 fps Switchable in a system

Cue Sheet, show you all events of the day in flat image

ASRUN, Give you event results

Various Printing & CSV Exporting

  • EPG Exports​

EPG Data Field loaded in User Interface, EPG exports are available.

         *  Currently ARIB TR-B15 is only available. Other Specifications need extra           

            engineering. the cost must be paid by purchaser

  • Local Language Available 

​【PC Minimum Requirement】

windows10/11Pro/windows server OS 64bit only

1G Ethernet Port

i5 CPU or upper model


512GB local Storage (SSD device strongly recommended)

Screen size larger than 1920x1080 pix

​【License policy】

EULA applied

Owned License

Technical Support Contract required from 1st year, User must buy it

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