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Timecode re-striping and Loudness Correction for XDCAMHD File


Reinan Cable Network Workflow

Case Study

Reinan Cable Network ( who is a Cable TV operator in Fukui/ Japan has been owned huge number of XDCAMHD files which has different SOM and various un-managed Audio Level.
Automation workflow are very tough for each event, because All Owned Media have different SOM.

One mistaken generates Black to Air.
Also Ingest operation for MAM, Tough operation are required. they have to type SOM for each files.
They considered how they can make workflow simplified for many days.
Before eNGINE deployed,  They had been used GVG Editor to re-stripe Timecode from SOM to EOM.
It had taken for almost real time of files.  it wasted their operation time. 
Reinan had been asked to Sakai Electronics who is an integrator for Reinan, Sakai Electronics finally find the product which is able to fix their problems. It was eNGINE.

Rainan has been owned eFF enterprise for more than four years.
When they found the solution they can manage two operations automatically without any human operations.


Yutaka Yamaguchi/Chief Enginner Content Production said;
We had been wasted huge hours to re-strip Timecode by Non-Linear Editor until now.
eNGINE completely remove our issues in our workflow. 
eNGIEN remove complex playlist for playout, complex Ingest in MAM application.
and carry loudness correction from eFF to eNGINE.
there are no human operator for those process.

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