ONEGENIE Channel In A Box is deployed for On Air at CUETV(Tokushima/Japan)

CUETV (Tokushima/Japan) just has been started On Air from OneGenie Channel In A box since June 12th,2019 after 30 days shadowing operation.
This is completed Channel In an box deployment for all workflow in operations, such as Live recording, File Ingest, QC by base band, Tagging Medias, and On air with L-BAR graphics.
Those operation are completed in a box.
CUETV had been owned Harris ADC100 and XOR Media Server, and GVG SDI routers for more than 10 years since Japan started HD transmission.
CUETV achieves Workflow Simplified, Reducing Displacement, reducing Power Consumption,
and reducing Hardware Maintenance Cost and response time from manufacture.
Masayuki Omori Manager/Operations in CUETV brought comment below;
"We had been used a lot of equipment and servers for own channels since HD transmission started.
All had to be tight together for On Air Transmission,  any upgrade in the system had to be examined more than one month for secure. we had been considered why so may server and expensive equipment to service on air, also So many displacement space are required. 
These had been considered these issue for long time to decrease all TCO.
Kondo presented CIB solution in 2018, we had some expectation through the presentation, we may fix everything of our headache.
such as Workflow Simplified, Collaborating  jobs among multiple staffs, Reducing Displacement, reducing Power Consumption, and reducing Hardware Maintenance Cost
we deeply analyze this solution and decided to buy. 
OneGenie just has been made us to remove our headache by deployment now, this is truly everything are in a box for channel operations, this is the Magic box.
Our responsibility is to provide the viewer with an attractive television program. OneGenie is the Key to perform.
Replacement from the ADC and XOR Server
  • Base band Router control
  • x2 One Air Services
  • Inserting Dynamic Text Ticker into Live and Video File event
  • Logo, Clock Display under special rule.
  • DVE L-Bar Graphics with RSS
  • Missing media reporting through Variable look ahead to avoid Black to Air.
  • Air protect (Automatic pass through) when hardware failure, and wrong playlists.
  • Automatic re-staring transmission from failure
  • Block event in playlist
  • Automatic ARIB EPG generation
All are in just 2RU IT server.​
Upgrade path to 4K​
  • 4K transmission is able to deploy with adding a server in the system.
  • 12G-SDI playout is available under XAVC200Mbps、HEVC30/50Mbps